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22. – 24.05.2023

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09:00 – 16:3017:00 – 20:3020:30

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Why Diva's Camp?

Although Ballroom dancing is a pair sport made up of man and woman 50/50, there are much fewer women in coaching and judging position.

The idea behind Diva's camp is to bring some of the World's TOP latin female teachers to share the beauty and knowledge of female element in dancing.

Come and taste this Unique connection of female energy and knowledge protected with charming male power. There s always a strong man behind strong woman, who allows her to shine there also will be some strong men.

(For every camp we thoroughly choose male guest teachers)


Whole camp

190 € / person

One day pass

75 € / person

Private lectures

Karina Smirnoff

180 €

Karina Rubio

130 €

Julie Fryer

140 €

Maurizio Vescovo

165 €

Sergiu Luca

110 €


160 €

Private lessons without Camp

base + 10 €


49°10'31.742"N 16°35'29.900"EHorní 729/32
Brno - Štýřice
639 00

Dance studio Horní 32 in Brno is located in the city district Štýřice. There is Hotel Brno and Ubytovna Horní near the studio. Parking is available in the street Horní or you are able to drive in the parking lot behind the studio. From the parking lot you get to the studio via doors from the direction of the main reception.

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